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Mar 17
@ 9:48 PM
Sanderien Lidewij de Bruin
I met my girlfriend in Second Life. I never ever thought I would find my true love in there! I mean, I wasn't even looking for that... at all! But it happened anyway... We met, got together, and very soon the connection between the 2 of us became way deeper than either of us expected. But it felt so good, that we decided to "go with the flow". So, soon we were also talking and camming on Skype every day (for hours!!), on FaceBook, email, ETC. Only one thing: she lives in South America, Argentina. I live in Europe, The Netherlands. So... basicly both on the other side of the globe! :O That's pretty damn hard, but not impossible. She came here twice already (for 3 months!), and in a few months I'm going to her in Argentina (for 2 months). So, yeah, who knew I would find my true love on SL?!? I loveeee youuuu, baby!! <3 <3 In both words! ;)

Mar 07
@ 9:08 PM
Joelle Lyles
I met my prince charming via SL in 2009. Irinically I was 'dating' someone else and when that diminished, we turned to each other. We laughed til the wee hours of the morning. Then one day we were both like, "Hey, she's a woman" and "Hey, he's a guy!" Why the hell not? He came to Texas on Thanksgiving of 2009 and we were married on my birthday in January of 2010. I have NEVER been happier and I owe it all to SL (and to my 19 yr old daughter who introduced me to SL!) THANK YOU BOTH! LOL!

Mar 06
@ 7:35 PM
Kate McLaglen
My Boyfriend and I met in Second Life. I joined to fill a huge gap in my day that had previously been dedicated to working. Multiple sclerosis made life in the "real world" difficult at best and working impossible. I took up creating and consulting in Second Life almost immediately. I met Elliott, through business in SL, in January of 2007. We immediately became, and stayed, friends. I moved from Maine to Washington in July 2008 and thus began our romance. This July will make 3 years.

Mar 02
@ 2:25 AM
Katie Ingersoll-Parker
I met my husband in Second Life.. We were in a random location and he had teleported in. I was only 18 at the time and we started talking. I was immediately drawn in by his irish accent and we continued to talk everyday on Second Life, I learned to get to know the person from the inside instead of looking at what was on the outside. We talked for about a year using Second Life until he decided to go further into our relationship by using Skype. Me being in the states and him being in Ireland I was dying to see what he looked like besides the pictures I had already been sent. We talked on Skype for a total of a year and a half... And when he told me he was finally interested to do a webcam chat I freaked out. But I had come to love him no matter what. We started camming and all was just natural and the love grew stronger. He said he wanted to come over, and on September 10th 2010 I picked him up from the airport... We got married on September 15th and we couldn't be happier. :D

Feb 26
@ 10:05 PM
Shannon Nangle
My best friend in SL moved from Tampa to Virginia to be with her SL partner. About two years later the relationship was over. However, she met the most wonderful man in RL there in Virginia and is ever so happy with him now. While her SL romance did not work out, it was her SL romance that took her to VA and that is where she found her true love. So even when the clicking of buttons doesn't merge to become your happily ever after...the course of your life can still be forever changed so that you meet the ONE. I think the bottom line is...we don't find love by looking for it...love finds us when the time is right.

Feb 26
@ 7:33 PM
Gan Uesli Starling
I met my soul-mate in SL purely by happenstance. Although we still live three time zones apart in two separate countries owing to family commitments still having to be fulfilled, we've managed to visit one another seven times these past two years and more. We like nearly all the same things, hold similar values on everything truly important. And when we manage to spend time together it just feels right. Meanwhile we are on-line for hours most every night. Often we sync our DVD players and watch the same movie while chatting in voice.

Feb 24
@ 8:01 PM
Violet Waddington
I met my Secondlife partner a year ago when i was with someone else and he was with someone else. we kept in contact via IMs and emails. When me and my partner decided we wanted to meet in real life I hopped a plane from New Hampshire to Texas just to be with him. We have been together for almost a year. We recently got married on sl febuary 14,2011. It was the happiest day of our lives. Im very blessed to meet my sl partner and we are together in real life as well.

Feb 24
@ 10:40 AM
Kami Dakota-Jo Lagal
My hubby and I met around 3 years ago on SL, in a very specific sim based on 'gaming rpg fighting' (it was PVE and PVP and quite Toxic*hahah*.) We spent many a time rping, sword fighting and chatting irl on the phone before we saw each other in person a year after we met in SL. We now have a 5 1/2 month old daughter and couldnt be happier. :) Who knew a werewolf and demon could mix? *grins*

Feb 22
@ 1:32 PM
Hyacinth Landry
I have not talked about this much.. but I think there has been enough time and healing, that it will not be hurtful to tell this story. 2 1/2 years ago, I met a woman in SL. We were insanely in love, but were both married in RL and pledged to keep our relationship in SL only. We were both good friends with each other's spouses, and everyone was cool with it. We used to all hang out together and play SelbyWord (scrabble) and chat all night long. Then after many months, her husband decided to leave her and her son, to be with another woman. She was absolutely devastated and my wife and my hearts were breaking for her. So my wife and I decided to try something new, and invited her and her son to come live with our family. In the end, it did not work out, but it was an experience that I am very grateful for, and that I will never regret. The experience changed my life completely.

Feb 22
@ 4:24 AM
Juliet Ducrot
I think there are more unhappy endings than happy ones sadly. I met the only man I have ever called my soul mate in second life and we were together for years, through a lot of RL hurdles. Throughout it all we made plans neither of us would ever imagine we would be making with someone we'd never met. There was never any doubt in my mind that it would end with us together in RL. I told my family, my friends but in the end the RL hurdles beat us. I have been dealing with the loss for over a year now and the hardest part is there is no-one in my RL who understands my very real pain over the loss of someone I haven't met in person who couldn't be more real to me.